Drinking in Texas!

Written on 03/13/2022
Lance Haynes

Texas is a big state filled with lots of passionate folks chasing their dreams. Texas drinkers and those who make the libations have been a part of the state since the frontier days, and before that with native peoples making various intoxicating drinks from local grapes, cactus, and so forth. 

I've enjoyed playing my very small role in the Circle of Texas Drink since almost three decades ago. I remember coming to the Fredericksburg area for the first time and tasting wine from the handful of local wineries. Since then, I've come pretty much every year and now live here. Suffice it to say that it's booming. Over 100 tasting opportunities exist within a short drive, a designated driver is suggested if you intend to cover lots of them in a day!

 Th Hill Country is a foacl point of sorts...What a lot of folks don't realize is that the enitire State of Texas has so many people creating amazing variations of alcohol. I don't think many really understand the scope. I've branched out over the years into tasting at distilleries and breweries, and some mead and cider. I think it's awesome to hear these folks talk about how passionate they are and how much they enjoy seeing the fruit of their labor being enjoyed by others. It's a noble pursuit to improve the world around you with things people can enjoy.

I had the privilege of living about a quarter mile down the road from a great winery in Celina, Texas, named Eden Hill. I helped them through the different phases of winemaking as a friend and neighbor for several years. I recall when a big thunderstorm rolled through and flattened the first three or four rows of their vineyard. It was heartbreaking to see that kind of work basically tipped over by a whim of nature. But that is part of the nature of wine making, as well as other agriculture here in texas.

The risks that everyone in the industry takes on in order to make something wonderful is something to be praised and enjoyed! The folks in breweries and distilleries and other places making their creations are also hard-working folks who are mastering their art for themselves, and for everyone around them.

This app is created to help folks find each other. To help those who want to potentially find that favorite new discovery while enjoying a chance to learn about the place it's made and the people who make it. I'm happy you've chosen to take a look at this app and read these words. I don't have the passion to make these visions of brews, vintages and batches. However, I do love partaking in the end results!

So, if you are a similar-minded person, take a look at the listings in the different categories and find something nearby that you haven't visited before. Check out their website and see what their hours are and go have some fun meeting people who probably have some pretty awesome stories to tell. And they will definitely be happy that you came. In today's changing society, it's nice to be welcomed. Be kind and courteous to each other.